Artist: William RaVell III
Original picture is acrylic on masonite measuring approx 14 x 11
Subject: Dutch WW2 submarine K XIV Class
The story behind the painting...
K XIV was built at the R.D.M. Shipyard in Rotterdam and was commissioned to the Royal Netherlands Navy on 6 July 1933 under the command of Ltz. O. de Booy.  

Germany attacked the Netherlands on 10 May l940 and K XIV was ordered to patrol the China Sea and western part of the Java Sea under the command of Ltz. I. P.A Mulock van der Vlies Bik. 

On 23 December 1941 K XIV sunk the Japanese troopship SS Katori Maru and the Japanese Troopship SS Hiyoshi Maru and also damaged Japanese troopship SS Kokkai Maru and the Japanese Tanker/troopship SS Nichiran Maru.  

K XIV wreaked further havoc on 29 March 1944 when she successfully shelled the oil storage tanks of the Emma harbour in Padang, west coast of Sumatra. 

No prints have ever been made of this artwork.

She was transferred to Fremantle Austrailia  in April l944 under U. S. Operational Control.  While under US control, she sank a Japanese Landing Craft, damaged a minesweeper and sank two sampans.  

She was decommissioned on 23 April 1945.    

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