Artist: John PETTITT
Subject: British submarine HMS H28
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The story behind the painting...

Commissioned in 1918 H28 saw the tail end of WW1.  See then continued to serve with the Royal Navy and survived to see the Second World War making her unique in that she served in both world wars.  Despite her loyal commitment H28 was sold for scrap in 1944.

In this painting H28 is shown in front of the Eirlandse Lighthouse, Texel Island, Holland.

Each print has been signed by the artist as well as Captain MRG Wingfield DSO, DSC*, RN and Commander Edward  P Young DSO, DSC, RNV(S)R (author of the much respected book "One of Our Submarines).  Please note the signatures are on each print and not merely  reproduced from the original painting. 

A copy of H28's Patrol Report and details from the German Kriegestagebuch (War Diary), together with other supporting documentation, accompany each print sold.

Print of pencil drawing also available
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This print was specially produced for the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

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