Northern Run

Artist: Jim Christley
Original picture is a watercolor measuring approx 13.5” x 10.5” 
(suitable to be matted for a standard 20" x 16" frame)
Subject: USS Greenfish (SS-351) in its Guppy III configuration


The story behind the painting...

From the early 1950’s to the present day, but particularly during the Cold War, the submarines of the US Navy patrolled the world’s oceans to serve as a deterrent and as an early warning in the event of war with threatening powers especially the old Soviet Union.  Nowhere were the weather conditions and the patrols more arduous than those in the North Atlantic and Barents Sea

During this entire period there were always submarines on station watching the breakout areas around the north of Finland and Norway and through the Greenland, Iceland , United Kingdom (GIUK) gap.  

This work shows the USS Greenfish (SS-351) in its Guppy III configuration in the mid-1960s as she keeps watch in a choppy cold ocean during a coming storm. 

These diesel electric submarines spent the majority of their time on the surface or snorkeling.  Many times during their 45 to 60 day patrols the weather was so rough they ran on the surface with the snorkel mast up to keep from taking water down the main induction.  It was always cold and mostly choppy with frequent storms.  But for nearly fifty years there were always at least two and most of the time four US Submarines patrolling this part of the world.  Every time the Soviet Union ’s Navy would deploy they knew we were watching and trailing. 


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