HMS Thrasher
Artist: John PETTITT
Subject: HMS Thrasher returning from patrol off Crete in March 1942
High quality Limited Edition prints (1000 published) available now
measuring 26" x 19"

The story behind the painting...

It was during this Mediterranean patrol which began on an auspicious Friday 13th in February 1942 that HMS Thrasher experienced a lucky escape.  Sporting her  blue livery,  two unexploded bombs which got stuck in the submarine's casing. Lieutenant Roberts and Petty Officer Gould successfully disposed of them without any damage being sustained and Thrasher reached port safely.  Their bravery was later rewarded with Victoria Cross medals awarded to them both.

John Pettitt                          D A Feary
 Artist                               Commissioner 
                 Petty Officer
           "Tommy" Gould VC
                 2nd Coxswain


This print was specially produced for the Royal Navy Submarine Museum.

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Each Limited Edition print bears the ORIGINAL signatures of the artist 
as well as Thrasher's captain and 5 crewmembers:  

Vice Admiral Sir Hugh MacKenzie KCB, DSO*, DSC - Captain
Petty Officer "Tommy" Gould VC - 2nd  Coxswain
Commander "Reggie" Fitzgerald DSC - Casing Officer
Lieutenant A G Davies DSC - Navigating Officer
Lietenant L P Barker DSC - Engineering Officer
Vice Admiral Sir Ian McIntosh KBE, CB, DSO, DSC - 3rd Hand

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