USS Pasadena
Artist: William H RaVell III
Original picture is acrylic on canvas measuring approx 24 x 18
Subject: American Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine SSN752

The story behind the painting...

Pasadena is an improved Los Angeles SSN 688i Class submarine built by General Dynamics Corp., Electric Boat Division, Groton, CT.  

This nuclear submarine was transferred from the Atlantic Fleet to the Pacific Fleet in October l990 and homeported in San Diego, CA.  In June 1993, Pasadena was deployed to the Persian Gulf and participated in several exercises with the Royal Saudi, Omani and Australian Navies.  She was deployed to the Arabian Gulf in March l995 and was the first American submarine to conduct exercises  with the Indian Navy.  

In April l997, Pasadena changed homeport to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where she is now assigned to Commander, Submarine Squadron Seven.  


Pasadena's moto is:  

"Anywhere Anytime".


This painting was presented to the U. S. Navy when the sub was commissioned on February 11, 1989.  
The original artwork now hangs in Pasadena's wardroom.  Unfortunately no prints have ever been made of this artwork.


Limited Edition Prints None made
ORIGINAL PAINTING Hanging in USS Pasadena's Ward Room

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