Russian Submarine "Whisky Long Bin"
Artist: Viktor Stepansky
Original painting is watercolour and gouache on paper measuring approx 26" x 15.5"
Subject: The Russian submarine Whisky Long Bin

The story behind the painting...

These remarkable-looking submarines started life under an entirely different guise: originally they were Whisky Class subs (Project 613) but then they were chosen for a conversion project.  This complex work involved chopping the body in two and inserting an extra section to extend the length and create the highly-stylized conning tower, as well as providing 4 internal launches.

Six of these Cold War submarines were produced between 1961 - 63.  Officially known as Project 655 in the Soviet Union, the NATO codename for these conversions was Whisky Long Bin.  

These guided-missile vessels were operational until the late 1970s, then used as training submarines, before being scrapped in the 1980s.

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