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A Class A Class
Dennis Andrews
SOLD  £18 Prints now available

Alliance HMS Alliance
S Burbridge


£15 This submarine is on display at the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, Gosport, England
B10 Early Submariners
John Pettitt
£100 £15 .

C3 Zeebrugge Raid 1918 -
C3 against the Viaduct
Dennis Andrews
n/a £18 Digital artwork
Conqueror Home is the Hunter
HMS Conqueror 1982
Mike Rock
SOLD £30  
E14 HMS E14
S Burbridge
£90 £22 .
H28 HMS H28
John Pettitt
N/A £70  signed by 2 WW2 captains
H28 HMS H28 - Pencil Drawing
John Pettitt
N/A £14 .
H49 On Patrol
John Pettitt
SOLD £50 .
H49 HMS 49 - Pencil Drawing
John Pettitt
SOLD £14 .
K22 A Marriage of Inconvenience
Michael J Rock
£180 £30 WW1 submarine

HMS L-25
Dan Moss

n/a US$25 Beautiful pen and ink work
Porpoise Class Ice Maiden
S Burbridge
SOLD £19 Commissioned work
Oberon Class Welcome Home
S Burbridge
SOLD £29 British Attack Submarine
Odin HMS Odin
Mike Rock
SOLD £15 .
Repulse Gathering Storm
Mike Rock
SOLD £40 Limited Edition of 50 prints

Resolution Polaris Patrol - Cold War
Dennis Andrews
N/A £18 Digital artwork
S-Class Evening Lights
in Scapa Flow
Michel Guyot
SOLD none S-Class submarine and QE-class battleship in Scapa Flow
S-Class S-Class Submarine
John Pettitt
£150 £15 .
S-Class Close Protection
Michel Guyot
€1000 none S-Class submarine escorting HMS Malaya - Force H
Sceptre Secret Operation
Robert Taylor
N/A £75 A Robert Taylor Limited Edition. 
Signed by 4 WW2 "S" Class Captains
Seahorse Dawn Over Portsmouth
John Pettitt
£500 £25 Very few Limited Edition prints left
Seahorse HMS Seahorse - Pencil Drawing
John Pettitt
SOLD £14 .
Splendid Evening Departure
Mike Rock
SOLD £30 .
Storm Titania & Storm
John Pettitt
SOLD £15 .
Storm Hunter from the Deep
Mike Rock
£150 £30 .
Swordfish Cliffs of Dover
John Pettitt
£210 £20 S Class submarine
T-Class Gibraltar 1940
Michel Guyot
€350 none 3 in 1:
T-Class submarine, Renown-class battlecruiser
and Short Sunderland seaplane.
tantivy Tantivy Gun Action! Sold £30  
Thrasher HMS Thrasher
John Pettitt
N/A £50 Signed by 6 decorated Thrasher crew
Torbay Out of Malta
John Pettitt
SOLD £15 T Class sub
Trafalgar Trafalgar Class
S Burbridge
SOLD £38 Limited Edition. Signed by artist.
U-Class Evening Lights of Scapa Flow (part 2)
Michel Guyot
SOLD n/a U-class sub with a QE-class battleship
Upholder Upholder's "Heart of Oak"
John Meeks
€220 n/a Captain Wanklyn V.C.
Vanguard class Vanguard
John Pettitt
SOLD SOLD limited edition pencil drawing
Vanguard class Evening Sailing
Frank Grenier
N/A £35  
Vanguard Irresistable Force
Michael J Rock
SOLD £30 Limited run - only 50 prints produced
Vengeance HMS Vengeance
Viktor Stepansky
£340 £16 Digital prints now available
Various WW1
Submarines of Fort
Blockhouse c. 1918
W L Wyllie
N/A £18 fantastic price for a W L Wyllie Limited Edition print
X1 The Gun Cruiser - HMS X1
Michael J Rock
£225 £30
Paintings below are now completely sold out
(although they may still be available to publishers in electronic format - please contact us)
U-Class Infernal Ballet in Malta's Sky
Michel Guyot
SOLD none Two U-Class subs in Valetta, Malta
Resolution Mission Accomplished
Leslie Draper
Holland 1 Holland 1 Submarine
S Burbridge
SOLD SOLD Commissioned work
Sidon Sunday Afternoon
John Meeks
n/a An S-Class submarine shown in a Cammel Laird drydock.
Swiftsure Class Sleeping Warrior
Harry Mc Groarty
N/A none .
Thrasher HMS Thrasher - Pencil Drawing
John Pettitt
Tireless Harbour Stations
Trafalgar Class
Harry Mc Groarty
N/A none .
Trafalgar Trafalgar Class
Harry Mc Groarty
N/A none .
Upholder HMS Upholder
S Burbridge
SOLD None The most successful U-Class submarine of WW2


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