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Argonaute Class Tragic Collision
Michel Guyot
€250 None FR La Vestale with HMS Wishart
Akula Passing Shadows
Jim Christley
US$500 None American Virginia Class and a Russian Akula Class submarine
Curie Curie in Malta
Michel Guyot
SOLD none FNFL Curie
Curie FNFL Curie
Michel Guyot
SOLD none Free French submarine Curie (ex-HMS Vox)
Delta IV Trailing II
Jim Christley
US$500 None US Sturgeon Class and a Soviet Delta IV
Foxtrot Cold War Foxtrot
Dennis Andrews
for sale
£18 Russian Foxtrot Class
Original painting complete with frame
HA-19 First Japanese Prisoner 
Kazuo Sakamaki
Viktor Stepansky
£340 £16 Japanese type "A" midget submarine, 
at Pearl Harbor 1941
junon Junon Junon in Norway
Michel Guyot
€300 none WW2 French Minerve-class submarine
junon Junon

Operation Musketoon
Michel Guyot

€800 none Junon submarine

Michel Guyot

€450 none

Free French Submarine and Operation Musketoon

Kursk Kursk
Grzegorz Nawrocki
€470 none Soviet sub

Kursk The Stricken Kursk
Dennis Andrews
n/a £18 Russian sub
Digital Work
Kursk A Russian Tragedy
Dennis Andrews
n/a £18 Soviet sub
Digital Work
W RaVell III
US$300 None WW2 submarine of the Royal Netherlands Navy.
FREE shipping to USA.
Roland Morillot Le Roland Morillot
Michel Guyot
€500 None French submarine scuttled on launch date
Rubis Alerte aux Mines!
Michel Guyot


None Free French Navy submarine
Rubis Rubis et HMS Lightning
Michel Guyot
€800 None Free French Navy submarine
S-13 The End of the German Liner Wilhelm Gustloff
Michel Guyot
€470 None Depicting the tragedy of the Wilhelm Gustloff and the Russian submarine S13
S-13 Über 9000...
Sejar Bekirow
€250 None The final hour of Wilhelm Gustloff
Surcouf Le Surcouf, plus grand sous-marin des années 30
Michel Guyot
€450 None  
Typhoon Frozen Solitude
Michel Guyot
€470 None The world's largest submarine.
Typhoon Typhoon Class
Dennis Andrews
£200 None This original oil is for sale complete with frame
Paintings below are now completely sold out
(although they may still be available to publishers in electronic format - please contact us)
Aurore Aurore
Michel Guyot
SOLD None French Aurore class submarine

HMAS Collins
Chris Lee
Royal Austrailian Navy SSK submarine. 
Remarkable price for an original.
C3  The Great Last Cause 1. - The Left
John Meeks
SOLD n/a C3 from the Spanish Civil War 1936
CC1 & CC2 Big Country - Small Boats
John Meeks
SOLD N/A Canada's first submarines.
I53 Japanese Submarine I53
Michel Guyot
SOLD n/a I-53 - the submarine that sunk the USS Indianopolis
I52 Evergreen
John Meeks
SOLD N/A Type IXC-40 U-boat U530 rendez-vousing 
with Japanese C3 Class submarine I-52
I-53 & I-58 Kure
John Meeks
SOLD N/A I53 & I58 at surrender in Kure Harbor
surcouf Surcouf The French Submarine "Surcouf"
Michel Guyot
SOLD None A spectacular painting of this large French WW2 submarine
I-Class "Haichi ni Tsuke!"
John Meeks
SOLD N/A English: "Man Your Battle Stations!"
Free postage worldwide for original painting.
I-Class "Bakurai!"
John Meeks
SOLD N/A "Depth Charge !"
An I-Class IJN submarine during an attack
I16 Coastwatcher
John Meeks
SOLD N/A Japanese C Class off Australian coast

Junon at sea with Richelieu
Michel Guyot

SOLD none Junon with Richelieu, the largest battleship of the French Navy
Surcouf Surcouf
Grzegorz Nawrocki
SOLD None The first French submarine to appear on
Long Bin
Russian Submarine "Whisky Long Bin"
Viktor Stepansky
Russian submarine


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